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What is i-Danha Food Lab?

BGI, Food4Sustainability, and the Idanha-a-Nova City Hall organize annually the i-Danha Food Lab Event. The main goal of this initiative is to bring together various agri-food stakeholders who are committed to accelerating the revolution in food systems to make them more sustainable and support our societies and the planet. The event is held right after the world's biggest tech conference, the WebSummit. It will provide a unique opportunity for agrifood innovation experts to explore the uniqueness of Idanha-a-Nova.

Why should you join?

As a participant, you will have access to interactive sessions and networking opportunities with different stakeholders in a unique environment. While getting updated on the most recent national and international R&D&I projects you will also enjoy the region, with an unique journey in the green train from Lisbon and local walks or visits. As such, participants explore new collaborations, discuss new ways to bring change to food systems, while tasting local products, enjoying environmentally conscious meals and the great atmosphere of Idanha.

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+81Press Mentions
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+99 International & National Speakers

The clock is ticking! Pre-register now for the 7th edition of i-Danha Food Lab.


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